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Using Weed and Natural Sleep Spray Products for Better Rest

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Curated recent article excerpt touching on using weed and natural alternatives to improve sleep, with products comparable to sprayble melatonin, and similar sprayable sleep products:

…PROBLEM: You stay up late at night scrolling through your news feed, kept awake by the endless litany of horrific new executive orders and bizarre tweets. Every time you close your eyes, you see an orange-headed, hollow-eyed Cheeto monster. He haunts your nightmares.

You’ll definitely want to lean toward indica strains—known for their deeply relaxed, glued-to-the-couch-type effects and a great salve for insomnia. Sara Fletcher, the procurement manager and “resident sleep doctor” for Dockside Cannabis, recommends what she calls “sleep-forward strains.”

“Sleep-forward strains,” she explains, “are products that are going to help you kick your feet up a little bit more and promote relaxation.” Strains like Granddaddy Purple, Afghan Kush, and Purple Kush will blanket your senses with calming effects and, possibly, stop those racing Trump-train thoughts.

“Sometimes one of the greatest things that keeps us from falling asleep is us,” she says. “Just our brain turning in circles and trying to figure things out—sleep-forward strains help stop your treadmill of thoughts.”

It’s all in the terpenes, you see—chemical compounds that provide the flavor and aroma of the plant, like in a bouquet. Terpenes attach themselves to various receptors in the brain, yielding various effects. Strains high in the terpene linalool, which occurs naturally in flowers and herbs like lavender and coriander, help promote serenity.

“It has a really similar effect,” explains Fletcher, “to imbibing actual lavender by tea or even just smelling the essential oil.” Grape Ape is also a great sleep-forward strain—”a classic,” Fetcher says, that “smells like candy and tastes like an IPA.”

For those times when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, Fletcher recommends keeping a spray like the Enchantmint Breathspray on your nightstand. Spray it under your tongue—it will absorb sublingually and be in your bloodstream within 10 minutes.

Another option is a tincture called Deep Sleep, which has herbal extracts, a touch of sweet orange essential oils, and a high CBD-to-THC ratio. For a more sustained effect that will take longer to set in, eat some Swifts truffles an hour before bedtime.

And stay away from the news, Fletcher recommends. “Watch some Netflix,” she says. “Or silly baby-animal videos.”

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